As GiantJS aims to cover all aspects of modern web applications, it's constantly growing, adding new modules. This page summarizes the current state of available and planned modules.

Stable modules

These modules are not expected to break existing API.

They also cover the basics for building apps, with the exception of backend API access. (For that, you may still use the deprecated giant-transport module. Its replacement, giant-rest, is going to have a similar API.)

Module name Tier Description Stability
giant-assertion essentials Extensible assertions STABLE
giant-data essentials Basic data structures STABLE
giant-event essentials Universal events STABLE
giant-oop essentials OOP & testing tools STABLE
giant-table essentials Indexed tables STABLE
giant-templating essentials String templating STABLE
giant-utils essentials General utility classes STABLE
giant-entity core Entity framework STABLE
giant-i18n core Internationalization STABLE
giant-routing core Routing STABLE
giant-widget core Widget framework STABLE
giant-basic-widgets auxiliary Basic widgets FAIRLY STABLE

Modules in progress

Module name Tier Description Stability
giant-project-boilerplate N/A Project boilerplate UNSTABLE
giant-module-boilerplate N/A Module boilerplate UNSTABLE
giant-cli auxiliary Application building tools UNSTABLE
giant-asset auxiliary Asset management UNSTABLE
giant-cli-tools auxiliary CLI building tools UNSTABLE
giant-grunt-tools auxiliary Grunt integration UNSTABLE

Planned modules

Module name Tier Description Stability
giant-behaviors essentials Common class behaviors N/A
giant-rest core REST API access N/A
giant-session core User session management N/A
giant-automation auxiliary Batch scripting tools N/A
giant-diagnostic-widgets auxiliary Runtime diagnostic tools N/A
giant-ga-tools auxiliary Google Analytics integration N/A
giant-logging auxiliary Logging N/A
giant-material-widgets auxiliary Widgets based on Google Material Design N/A
giant-offline auxiliary Offline entity persistence N/A

Deprecated modules

Module name Tier Description Stability
giant-common-widgets obsolete Commonly used widgets DEPRECATED
giant-transport obsolete Transport layer DEPRECATED