Meetup talk video

28 Jul 2016

Video available for the Internationalization in SPAs talk I gave at the Front Endgineers London meetup group at SkillsMatter CodeNode.

Many thanks to @RecWorks for organizing the event, and @skillsmatter for hosting and recording it!

Also check out the slides and the code used in the demo.

I18n talk at FEL

20 Jul 2016

New meetup talk scheduled for 27 July: Internationalization in Single Page Applications, at the "Front Endgineers London" meetup, touching on various i18n technologies and tools, including Giant.

Organized by RecWorks, hosted by Skills Matter.

Please RSVP at Skills Matter.

Meetup talk video

7 Jul 2016

The introductory talk I gave at the JS Monthly London meetup got recorded and the video is now available.

Many thanks to @GuyNesher, and the JS Monthly London meetup for the opportunity, and to @Pusher for the recording.

Upcoming meetup talk about GiantJS

16 Nov 2015

I'm going to give a talk about Giant's universal events at The Future of JavaScript meetup organized by Opus Professional Services Group.

When: 19 Nov 2015 from 18:30 to 21:30

Where: Barbican Centre, Silk Street, EC2Y 8DS London

Further details and RSVP:

Giant goes live at Mangahigh

22 Sept 2015

Giant went live at Mangahigh today.

This is a big deal for Giant, being the first occasion that it is used in a major (80kLOC) project as a single framework and not just as a set of semi-independent libraries. There's still a lot of work to be done until Giant reaches 1.0, but with this, it got a lot closer.

Big thanks to the team at Mangahigh for their support and feedback!